Break Free from Your Routine

Make this Hump Day One to Remember

The work day is in full swing. You can’t focus on the computer in front of you for longer than five minutes. You want to go out and forget the stress of the week and burn some of your restless energy. You look through the photos of your last Hump Day out with your bike and long for that feeling again. Shredding up that abandoned building with the backdrop of a sunset reset your mental energy and let you push through the rest of the week.

Your Monster Digital action sports camera captured every shot, every trick with perfection, and you want to do it again. This time, though, you want to enjoy the outdoors, maybe head to the local skate park. There’s some wicked drops you’ve been eyeing; you want to see what you can do. You imagine the awesome angles you can capture with the various mounts you have for your camera. From visuals from eh handlebars to your helmet to the still shots you can have someone take of you. Just thinking about your new experience gets your blood pumping. Is it 5 o’ clock yet?

  • Mar 08, 2017
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