Capture the Sunset

Carve Out Your Sanctuary

The work day has come to a close. You’re filled with restless energy and want to wind down before going home. Your fishing gear is in the trunk of your car, and you think it’s the perfect way to watch the sun go down. You come up to a secluded lake bed and get out your tackle. The serenity of the lake is already seeping into your bones, easing your mind from the stresses of the day. This feeling right here is one you want to remember.

Sitting next to your tackle box is your Monster Digital action sports camera. You turn it on, aim it at your rod, getting the backdrop of the reeds and water in the shot. No mount is needed as you prop it up with the grooves of your tackle box. You drop your line in the water, hoping to get a bite. As you sit there at the edge of the water, the peace and quiet calms you, releases the tension in your body, stilling the line. It’s then that you feel the first tug. You give it a sharp pull back, and as the weight at the end of your rod increases, you know you’ve captured something good.

  • Mar 14, 2017
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