Caravan Through the Back Roads

Ride with Your Crew

There’s a slight chill to the air. You can see your breath in front of you. But you don’t worry; you’re wearing plenty of layers to keep you warm. You put the key in the ignition, give the throttle some input as it starts up, and let the sound of the engine get you in the zone. You hear other bikes start up around you, letting you know that the time to hit the road is fast approaching. You grab your Monster Digital action sports camera and helmet mount out of your bag and set it up, turning it on in preparation.

You put your helmet on, and flip up your visor as you continue to gear up. You slide your gloves on next and mount your bike, looking around as the rest of the group does the same. The anticipation slowly seeps into you, sparking your building excitement. These are the moments you live for; these are the moments that call to you every time you look at your bike. You hear a few members twist their throttles, making everyone line up. It’s time to ride.

  • Mar 07, 2017
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