Chris Voss Reviews Monster Digital VR Headset

Watch Chris Voss Unbox the VR Headset with Integrated Headphones

Virtual reality is the latest technology to be introduced to cameras and smartphones alike. While only a few companies currently offer VR headsets, they are mainly only compatible with smartphones. Monster Digital takes it one step further and has created a headset that is not only compatible with almost every smartphone currently on the market, but also with its Vision VR and Vision 360 action sports cameras.

Chris Voss, a recognized social media leader by Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, and more, recently reviewed the Monster Digital Vision VR Headset with Integrated Headphones. His unboxing video showcases the headset and all its unique features.

“It’s a beautifully designed headset; it’s not cheap or junky,” says Voss as he takes the headset out of the box. The VR headset comes loaded with features, including pupil distance adjustment, an adjustable head strap, soft and breathable leather for long-term comfort, focal adjustment, a call answer, pause/play multifunction control, and more. “It’s pretty darn amazing. I was very impressed with it.”

“They did a great job,” Voss said near the close of his review, commenting on the comfort level, low price, and high quality design.

Check out the full review by Chris Voss!

  • Feb 06, 2017
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