Climb to the Peak

Push Yourself this Hump Day

You’ve been planning a hiking trip for months and the day is finally here. You have everything you’ll need: sunglasses, water, sunscreen, your Monster Digital action sports camera, climbing gear, and more. As you start hiking your chosen trail, you see a peak to your left. The way the sun hits the rocks makes you want to climb it. It’s going to take more than just walking the trail to make it up there; you’re going to need to push yourself and your gear. As you scale the rock face, your footing slips, forcing you to catch yourself. You use up precious energy stopping your fall, scraping your hands as you grab whatever hold you can. You feel your arms start to shake from the exertion, but you keep pushing yourself and climb further up to reach your destination.

It’ll be worth it, you tell yourself. That view from the top will make the entire ordeal worth it. Just a few more feet, and you’ll be able to sit on that peak, overlooking the trail. The Monster Digital camera strapped to your backpack takes in the entire climb, and as you finally get to the top, you grab it, slowly shooting the panoramic view. As you take a much-deserved break, you see what you were able to accomplish and don’t know how you’ll ever top this Hump Day.

  • Mar 01, 2017
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