Conquer the Slopes

Grab Your Friends for an Epic Hump Day

You watched the blizzard hit your hometown. Your first thought was hitting the slopes as soon as it died down. You didn’t think of the impact it was going to have on the rest of the town. Schools may be closed to the enjoyment of the students. Businesses may be closed thanks to limited road access. However, you know the mountain will be open for business as soon as the storm winds down, leaving all that fresh powder for you to enjoy.

It’s Wednesday morning, and your boss sends a company-wide email that business will be closed for the day. You don’t need to be told twice as you pack your skis, helmet, boots, Monster Digital action sports camera, and call your friends. You don’t want to shred down those freshly powdered slopes by yourself; you want to enjoy it with your group. The three of you hit the lift, the sun barely peeking above the tree line, and you ascend to the peak. Before you drop in, you mount your camera, set it to video, and capture epic memories.

  • Mar 15, 2017
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