Drift out of your Monday Mood

Monday is here again, bringing your weekend relaxation to an end. All you want to do is to be leaning back in a hammock in a cabana, but you’re stuck in your revolving desk chair. Instead of staring at the flickering computer screen from within your cubicle, imagine you are looking down at the crystal aqua water from your canoe in the exquisite caverns in Asia. The humid air envelopes you like a warm hug from the outdoors, welcoming you into the oasis. The scales from the schools of tropical fish beneath you are shimmering from the sun’s rays, peeking through the florescent coral reefs. Above you, birds are flapping their wings with gusts of freedom between their feathers, soaring high above the treetops. As the boat crosses the shadow line into the caves, the temperature cools in the refreshing echo of the cavern with the clear water splashing at your side. You can drop your Monster Digital Camera beneath the surface to take in all of the beauty in the underwater world, while you enjoy life above the water. Its case ensures your camera is protected from the water, letting you snap photos, time-lapse your journey and record your vacation worry-free.

  • Apr 17, 2017
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