Gear Diary Reviews Monster Vision VR

Create 360-Degree Virtual Memories

If you’re looking to capture amazing 360-degree footage, the Monster Vision VR action sports camera is the one to get. Compatible with the available VR headsets, the Vision VR camera is easy to use, and uploading videos and photos from your phone to Facebook and YouTube has never been simpler. Gear Diary took the Vision VR out for testing, and had many good things to say about the camera.

“It is quite remarkable and unique,” said Gear Diary. The camera comes in an action set that includes a number of accessories and mounts, helping to capture the perfect shot. But not only does the camera come with its own accessories, it is compatible with others from different companies. What separates this camera from others like it is the dual wide-angle lenses. All footage is instantly stitched together to create that unique 360-degree visual.

“The controls on the camera are simple to use,” Gear Diary continues. Virtual reality cameras can be complicated to use with the many features, settings, and buttons littered on the camera itself or available remote if there is one. Monster Digital developed its camera to be user-friendly, and even created a free smartphone app. The publication “found the camera much easier to control with the phone app.”

The image quality, results, and rugged design give the Monster Digital Vision VR action sports camera a leg up on the competition, and according to Gear Diary, “it is really cool to be able to share a complete view of your experience.”

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  • Jan 30, 2017
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