Make Today Different

Something has been beckoning you to mix up the monotony of your day to day routines, but you just can’t quite seem to put your finger on exactly what your escape should be. An adventure in the wilderness is exactly what has been calling your name. A day decked out in camouflage kneeling between the towering trees, with the copper-colored leaves crackling beneath your boots. Judging the wind, you scope out your targets pulling your bow taut. Energy stems from the tension in the bow towards the bend in your elbow, reversing back towards the end of the arrow.

Sharpening your vision, you narrow in your sight, and release your fingers’ grasp on the end of the bow. The arrow sails through the air, carried by the cool breeze wafting through the forest. Whether or not the arrow hits your target, you’ve hit the bullseye when it comes to having a wicked awesome afternoon. Taking in all of the action is your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera, from every sharply-shot time lapse video to the quick, adrenaline pumping video footage of you setting up your perfect shot.

  • Apr 18, 2017
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