Monster Digital Vision 360 Spotlight

Record Your World in 360 Degrees

When you want to view your world in a new way, virtual reality is the next step. Monster Digital offers not only action sports cameras, but virtual reality cameras. The Monster Vision 360 is the first offering in the VR lineup, showcasing a 220-degree wide-angle lens that captures stunning HD footage, comes with a number accessories and mounts, as well as a 16GB microSD memory card.

Capture a New Angle

Because the Vision 360 uses a wide-angle lens that rests atop the camera, it can capture video in a full 360-degree field of vision. Even if you shoot video from one direction, you capture everything around you for a fully immersive experience. During playback, choose where to look. You can tilt up or down, zoom in and out, and even change the perspective.

Included Accessories

Just like with the rest of the Monster Digital lineup of cameras, the Vision 360 Set comes with six different mounting options, two cases, microSD memory card and adapter, USB card reader, battery, all the necessary cables, and a cleaning cloth. Monster Digital makes it possible to capture quality footage and photos right from the box!

Experience Life in 360 Degrees Today!

  • Feb 16, 2017
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