Monster Digital Vision VR Headset Spotlight

Immerse Yourself in Your Most Epic Experiences

You’ve been hearing about virtual reality from friends and family. You’ve seen the commercials for various virtual reality headsets on TV and it’s piqued your curiosity. The price tags may have caused you to shy away from making a purchase decision, or you don’t have a compatible phone or action sports camera. Monster Digital has addressed these concerns and has created a virtual reality headset that has not only seen rave reviews, but comes in at a price you can afford. Both headsets work with Monster Digital’s lineup of virtual reality cameras, as well as nearly every current smartphone on the market.

Look in All Directions

After capturing video on your Monster Digital virtual reality camera, you want to experience in a way that fully immerses you. You want to look at it from all directions: up, down, left, right, and all the way around. You didn’t have the option to do that until now. The Monster Digital Vision Headsets let you play back your video however you want! The sides feature toggles to adjust for optimal fit, with comfortable leather straps and face rests for extended wear. Don’t settle for standard viewing. Take your videos to the virtual reality level.

Hear it From a New Angle

Not only can you change the perspective of your experiences, but with the Monster Digital Vision VR Headset with Audio, you can now listen to them as well. If you don’t have a compatible Monster Digital virtual reality camera, place your smartphone in the front and watch all the virtual reality videos you want! With the attached headphones, you may forget that you’re sitting on your couch, not hiking the Appalachian!

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  • Mar 01, 2017
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