Monster Digital Vision VR Spotlight

Get In The Game of Virtual Reality

When only the best will do, the Monster Digital Vision VR is the action sports camera to get. The virtual reality action set comes loaded with included accessories, mounts, and microSD memory card. Right from the box you’re ready to capture every epic adventure and experience life has to offer. This isn’t the camera for the adrenaline junkie, though, but for those looking to explore every detail of life from a new and exciting perspective.

Create Lasting Experiences

Get the most out of your Monster Vision VR virtual reality camera, with its unique dual, wide-angle lenses that feature automatic stitching to create a 360-degree field of view. Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, climbing up a Mayan Pyramid, or lounging on an exotic beach, capture it all with your Vision VR camera. Check out a new angle during playback and see the experience from a new perspective.

VR Headset

Don’t let your experiences be cut short with the standard playback from the camera or connected device; take advantage of the available Vision VR Headsets. These headsets not only let you immerse yourself in your video with unique visuals, but are compatible with both your Vision VR virtual reality camera and most smartphones. Opt for the VR Headset with Audio to be fully immersed in every experience.

Experience Life with Monster Digital Today!

  • Feb 21, 2017
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