Monster Moment of the Week
You’re standing at the helm of your boat, with the crystal-clear water splashing at its sides. The sun beams golden heat down on your skin, and the cool ocean is just begging you to dive in and cool off. You drop anchor, put on your snorkel and just as you are about to go overboard, you see how many bright, colorful, lively creatures are just below the surface. You grab your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera in its waterproof case, knowing this is a scene too beautiful to explain to your friends with words. 

Leaning over the edge, you submerge in the turquoise oasis and join the buoyant environment below. A sea turtle swims near you curiously, while the coral reef shimmers beneath you. Your Monster Digital captures the encounter, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the interaction. When you come back aboard to join your mates, they find you speechless. Let your footage do the talking, as words won’t do justice. 
  • Mar 24, 2017
  • Category: News
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