Monster Moment of the Week

Your plane has landed. You’ve left the office, errands, traffic and your problems behind and arrived at the beautiful coast. Your suitcase is filled with all the beach essentials — bathing suits, snorkel gear, sunscreen, magazines and flip-flops. In its protective waterproof case is your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera, ready to capture every Monster Moment under the crystal clear blue surface. After checking in to your resort, you head straight to the beach as the seashore is beckoning you to dive into your vacation. Swimming beneath the surface, you are surrounded by colorful tropical fish, as the familiarity of your snorkeling adventures soothes you. 

Surprisingly, however, this trip is different. A curious sea turtle swims alongside you, while a stingray shimmies across the ocean floor. Dolphins are swimming just a few hundred feet away, welcoming you into their home. The beauty and wonder of the ocean envelopes you as you are having unique interactions with animals that you would need to visit an aquarium to be as close as you are. Coming back to shore, you try to explain everything you saw and describe the feeling of your new animal companions swimming alongside you, but words escape you. Lucky for you, you were prepared. Your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera captured it all.

  • Apr 21, 2017
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