Monster Villain Action Sports Camera Spotlight

Bad Never Looked So Good

Action sports cameras are not all created equal. When you want trusted quality, full HD video, and a number of standard features, trust the Monster Vision Villain. Get in touch with your inner rouge with this rugged, durable, lightweight action camera that can handle whatever adventure comes your way. When you want to pick up and go, the Villain sports camera gives you that edge needed to carve your own path, no matter what sport is your vice.

Mount it Your Way

Each Monster Vision Villain camera set comes with 15 accessories and mounts, from handlebar to helmet mounts, enabling you to capture the perfect shot right out of the box. While most action sports camera brands fail to include a memory card with the purchase of a camera, Monster Digital includes a 32GB microSD card with every Villain camera, letting you record each epic moment. Play back footage on the 2-inch color LCD screen or share each wicked visual with friends and family.

Shoot Your Way

The Monster Vision Villain not only shoots full HD video in 1080p at 30 fps, but can take stunning photos up to 5MP. But the visuals don’t stop there; use your Villain to create awesome time lapse videos or switch to dash cam mode to record your ride. Want to see what you’re shooting? Use the free Monster Digital smartphone app to control your camera, share content with friends and family, as well as edit and upload all your memories to social media.

Capture Every Monster Moment Today!

  • Jan 31, 2017
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