Passing on Traditions

You grew up on your board, with the waves crashing around you and the sun beaming on your back. Some of your favorite memories were learning to pop up, while your dad held you steady while you built up confidence. Now that you have a child of your own, the tradition of exploring the ocean as a family continues. Seeing your little one reach down, dip his fingers beneath the surface as he explores the sea, brings memories of you and your dad flooding to the surface. 

Whether on vacation, or in your own backyard, memories are always being made. Never miss a single moment with your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera. Each camera comes fully equipped with 15 different accessories including a 32 GB memory card, micro SD adapter, battery, cleansing cloth, waterproof case and multiple mounts for your helmet, dashboard and more. Mount your camera on the end of your board, and capture every smile and laugh to reflect upon in the years to come. Years from now, your child will continue the tradition and share these memories with their child, as these moments last a lifetime.

  • Mar 27, 2017
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