Perfect Last-Minute Gift for Any Action Sports Junkie

You scoured through store after store on Black Friday. You searched nearly every website you could think of on Cyber Monday. Still, you don’t have that perfect gift for your action sports junkie. Time is running out and you’re scrambling to find them the perfect gift. You’re about to give up and go with a gift card to REI or The North Face, until you check out Monster Digital’s website.

One perfect, last-minute gift? Try three!

Monster Digital offers a complete lineup of action sports cameras, from your most basic HD action sports camera to the immersive Virtual Reality camera and the compelling 360° camera. Right now, Monster Digital is offering Holiday Bundle Sets to not only let your action sports enthusiast create epic memories with 15 included mounts and accessories, but share them instantly with friends and family.

Monster Digital Vision 360


The Monster Digital Vision 360° shoots video in two settings: 1920 x1440p resolution at 30 FPS and 1440 x 1080p at 60 FPS. Fully immerse yourself in your most epic memories during playback and watch your video from a completely different perspective. Tilt up, zoom in, and see in complete 360 degrees for a uniquely immersive experience. The set comes with a handlebar mount, suction cup mount, tri-pod adapter, MicroSD adapter, strap mount, USB card reader and cable, and much more!

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If you’re looking for something even more engaging, the Monster Digital Vision VR Camera Set is perfect. Like the Vision 360°, the VR camera features a unique playback and is also compatible with YouTube® 360 and Facebook™ 360. Everything you need to create lasting moments is in the box, including 13 mounts and accessories, and 16GB MicroSD card. Connect to the Monster Vision™ 360° app for even more possibilities!

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Want something a little more rugged? Check out Monster Digital’s Vision HD Plus Set, Vision HD Set, and Villain Set. Each camera comes in at a different price point, enabling you to get the most bang for your buck. All three sets come with loads of included accessories and mounts, letting you capture your adventures immediately. Strap these cameras to your helmet, handlebars, or hold it yourself to create your memories.

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The holidays are almost here, but Monster Digital has you covered!

Monster Digital Last Minute Gift Ideas

  • Dec 20, 2016
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