Fresh Powder Below Your Board

You breathe in the cold winter air. Your exhale fogs your goggles and creates a small cloud in front of you. Breathe in. Breathe out. You look down at the steep cliff in front of you. Other snowboarders drop in ahead of you, showing no fear. They carve out different paths down the mountain. You focus on the feel of the snow beneath you; your line of sight is clear. 

It’s time to make the drop. 

You carve down the slopes, gaining speed with each passing second. The powder showers out in a wave as you cut back and forth. The other snowboarders now out of sight. You’re approaching the first natural rock jump on the mountain. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

Go for it.

You square up, keep your knees loose for the jump. Gravity loosens it hold on you as you launch into the air. The view is like nothing you can explain. The clarity of the blue sky above you, the vivid white of the snow beneath you. You can’t describe the feeling that overcomes you. You can’t describe what you’re looking at.

You feel as if time is standing still as you hover in the air. Your body turns 360 degrees; each angle showing something different. You take in the vibrant green of the trees scattered on the mountain, the sheer detail in the rocks peaking through the white powder amaze you. You stomp the landing, catching up to the others. 

Another jump approaches and one goes for it, while the other boarder goes around. You forego the jump, watching the snowboarder in the air, his backflip flawless, but the front of his board sticks in to the snow and he eats powder. Hard.

Good thing you captured it all with your Monster Vision camera.


Action Sports Camera for Winter Sports

  • Dec 14, 2016
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