Stop Feeling Bored and Grab Your Board

Wednesday has arrived, meaning that the countdown to Friday is getting lower and lower. With the weekend close but not yet here, celebrate surviving to hump day! Get outside and get back into that hobby you’ve been neglecting for business meetings and powerpoint proposals. Kick off your dress shoes and lace up your vans. Head to the skate park and take in the sounds of the wheels carving the pavement. Soak up the natural sunlight hitting your shoulders and clasp your helmet on with a satisfying click. Attach your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera to your helmet mount to record every drop-in, kick-flip, grind and even the falls, representing the satisfaction of overcoming defeat and trying again. Before you know it, Friday will be here and you can spend the entire weekend doing what you crave — being awesome. 

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  • Apr 12, 2017
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