Take Advantage of Warmer Weather

Capture Every Moment with Monster Digital

Spring is almost here. The weather is heating up, making you wait for the day when its warm enough to hit the beach. You think about walking along the surf, laying out on the beach, and creating time lapse videos with your Monster Digital action sports camera. You imagine driving down the coast to find a secluded spot to catch some awesome sets. And as you come back to reality, you look to your pup resting his head in your lap. No adventure would be complete without him.

He loves to experience life just as much as you. To him, happiness comes in salty water. You think back to the last time you brought him to the beach and how you wished you had a waterproof camera. Thanks to the included waterproof case with your Monster Digital action sports camera, you can now capture every moment. You think about strapping your camera to his collar to record him chasing the waves. You imagine mounting it to the front of your board and pointing it at the two of you as you surf a mellow wave as he stands in front of you.

It’s decided. As soon as you’re able, you and your pup are hitting the beach.


  • Mar 02, 2017
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