The Gadgeteer Reviews Monster Vision 1080p+

Capture Quality Video at an Affordable Price

With the action sports camera market nearly saturated, it can be difficult to figure out what camera is right for your needs and budget. The Gadgeteer recently reviewed the Monster Digital Vision 1080p+, a sports cam that shoots video in 1080P with multiple operational modes. With a number of included accessories and mounts, the 1080p+ makes for the perfect action sports camera.

For The Gadgeteer, one of the best features of the 1080p+ was the ability to switch modes with ease. “For the Monster Digital camera, you can switch modes just by pressing the power/mode button on top of the camera.” Not only can you switch from video to photo or playback with the touch of a button, after powering down the camera, it will remember which mode was last used.

Unlike some cameras on the market, the Monster Digital Vision 1080p+ can be controlled remotely through the included smartphone app. Change settings, see a live view, and more, all from your smartphone. But just how does this camera compare to the competition?

The Monster Vision 1080p+ “is a decent sports/action camera that is easy to use, captures good quality video and isn’t overly expensive.”

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  • Mar 13, 2017
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