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Jordy Smith wins big in Bells Beach
South African surfer, Jordy Smith, won his first Bells Beach title this week in Australia. Smith dominated Brazilian surfer Caio Ibelli, taking the Rip Curl Pro final 18.90 to 17.46. He has bounced back from losing the Rip Curl Pro final a year ago to Australian Matt Wilkinson, to win his sixth championship tour win. After the three events of the Australian leg, this win lifts Smith to second on the tour rankings behind Hawaiian reigning world champion John John Florence. Read more about Jordy Smith’s victory, click here. 
2017 Surfers' Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
On April 17, the 2017 Surfers’ Hall of Fame announced that this year’s inductees are Mick Fanning and Bethany Hamilton. The Surfer’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony tributes those who have made impressionable marks on the world of surfing. 
Mick Fanning, known as “White Lightening” is from Sydney, Australia, and he finished fifth in the world on his first pro tour at age 22. After suffering a horrific hamstring injury, he was determined to defy the odds and return back to surfing. A few years later, he pulled off a miraculous comeback and became the first Australian to unseat Slater for a world title, and he went on to win many titles after that. Fanning, considered to be the fastest surfer in the world, was attacked by a Great White shark in 2015, where he punched the shark and survived unscathed, shocking everyone. 
Hawaii native, Bethany Hamilton, lost her left arm to a tiger shark at the age of thirteen. While many thought this would end the career of the rising surfing star, Hamilton proved them wrong. She returned to the water one month following the attack, and won a national amateur title a few years later. She became a professional surfer in 2007 and has shared her story through her autobiography and film, Soul Surfer. Hamilton is inspiration to surfers and non-surfers alike, and her dedication to charity, perseverance and surfing is unparalleled. To read more about the announcement, click here
  • Apr 20, 2017
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