Trade April Showers for Vitamin Sea

If you're lucky enough to be on the west coast, summer weather has graciously arrived. Unfortunately, everywhere else is still surrounded by windy chills, heavy rain and freezing snow as winter showed up late this year. Especially if you live where April showers are pouring down outside your window, we understand why you're feeling blue. Now is the perfect time to plan your seaward vacation where the sun is shining and the worries are few. Many destinations come to mind - Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Fiji, Bali and more - but anywhere you can dig your toes in the warm sand with a drink in your hand will do. 

When packing for the beach, don't forget your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera & its water-proof & dust-proof case! Sure, your phone takes great photos, but one drop in the ocean and your phone is spending the rest of your trip in a bag of rice. You don't want to miss a single shot on your zip lining excursion through the trees, snorkeling dive by the reef or that wave you finally catch and ride to shore. Monster Digital is fully protected to capture every moment on land or sea, without you having to worry about damage. Get yours now online & save 38% on all cameras!

  • Apr 06, 2017
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