WIFI HIFI Magazine Reviews Monster Vision VR

Rugged Camera With Plenty of Features

With virtual reality headsets and cameras on the rise, more consumers are interested in the technology. However, because the tech is so new, these action cameras can come with a significant price tag. It’s important to know you’re getting the right one, and WIFI HIFI Magazine, a Canadian magazine focusing on consumer electronics, believes the Monster Vision VR with two optional headsets is the camera to buy.

“The new Monster Vision VR camera is designed for video content creators,” said WIFI HIFI. Consumers looking to create stunning footage in a fully immersive way will enjoy working with this camera. Video is shot from two 220-degree wide-angle fixed-focus lenses to enable consumers to capture stunning 360-degree footage and snap crisp photos.

Monster Digital, however, also includes a number of accessories and mounts with each camera. “The camera also ships with a rugged tripod and RF remote, as well as all the mounts and adapters required for immediate action video recording.” What the camera doesn’t come with is the VR Headset. With two variants to choose from, consumers can get the VR Headset or the VR Audio Headset. The first enables viewers to experience both video from the VR action sports camera and smartphones with the ability to change the focus with toggles on the side of the headset. The VR Audio Headset builds on the standard model and adds over-ear headphones to completely immerse the user with sound.

Read WIFI HIFI Magazine’s full review of the Monster Vision VR!

  • Jan 25, 2017
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