You're Halfway There

Nothing ruins your Friday quite like realizing it’s only Wednesday. Sitting in the conference room, as your boss drones on through a Powerpoint presentation with drowsy monotony, you let your mind drift off to where you would much rather be. Your daydream takes you out of your pressed suit, button-up shirt and corporate noose necktie, and into your riding gear, boots, gloves, helmet with your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera mounted, goggles, chest protector and knee brace… everything you need ride, crash and get back in the saddle. You yearn to take your clean and pressed uniform and just get down, dirty and care-free. This hump day dream has you shedding your business exterior and releasing your inner awesome.

As you press on the gas, the tires whir, kicking dirt up in the air like confetti celebrating your freedom. The high speed of the sport releases your inhibitions as you race toward the first curve. You’re heading towards the turn too fast, and lose control. Just as your about to hit the dirt, your boss calls your name and snaps you back to reality. 

Don’t worry, the weekend is just around the corner. Capture your adventure on your Monster Digital Action Sports Camera and relive it every time your office lights dull your spirits.

  • Mar 29, 2017
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